Green Lizard Studs

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Are you looking for the perfect accessory that's sure to bring unique sparkle and style to any outfit? Look no further than these adorable handmade green enamel stud earrings! The lizard stud earrings are enameled and then hand painted with attention to detail on a stainless steel base. With a bright and cheerful palette of green hues, they easily draw attention and are a fun conversation starter. These durable and beautiful earrings show off your independent style while bringing a touch of nature to your look. Created with a quirky and eclectic artisan design and a touch of whimsy. These earrings are wonderful for fun, women and girls with a sense of humor. A beautiful gift to make someone special smile.


  • Handmade item
  • Length: 0.6" (15 mm); Width: 0.3" (8 mm)
  • Materials: Stainless steel, enamel, Ear nuts are included
  • Location: Earlobe

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Get the whole set and save! Buy a unique four-piece set design, including these stud earrings, matching dangle lizard earrings, a brooch, and a pendant. With all these pieces, you can mix and match to create endless possibilities and make sure your look is always unique, and stylish!

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